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bank account: 92 1750 0012 0000 0000 3176 9051 Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA
Związku Jaszczurczego 17, 82-300 Elbląg, Poland elblag@toz.pl +48 793 739 108
open every Wednesday 14:00 - 17:00 and by appointment
the Board of DirectorsAudit Committee
Paweł Petasz - president
Wojciech Tabiszewski - vice president
Bożena Wieczorek - secretary
Krystyna Tomczak - treasurer
Beata Ziemińska - board member
Nina Kurlenda - chair
Barbara Rupińska - vice chair
Krystyna Sobiecka - secretary
The Animal Care Society in Poland, formed in November 1864 is the oldest Polish non-profit organization, that deals with animal welfare matters and provide care to animals in need. The Elblag Branch is entirely made of volunteers who give their time and effort to preserve the organisation, which does not have permanent donor (financed by irregular donations, tax write-offs, and volunteers’ contributions). Traditionally the society is associated with animal abuse intervention; however lacking of jurisdiction it is limited to prevention or acting as a mediator. Cruelty to animals often stems from ignorance and archaic beliefs that animals are merely objects - tools, toys or trash once used and animals are often entangled in neighbour petty quarrels. Moreover, the existing animal welfare legislation occurs little known and grudgingly enforced. It should additionally be emphasized that that the acceptance of sadism and insensitivity to the suffering of animals leads to the same attitude towards people. (The Humane Society of the United States reveals a connection between animal cruelty and human violence.) The branch supports nearly 100 people who feed homeless cats and birds. It sets up shelters for free-roaming cats and offers veterinary treatment. At the same time, TOZ aims to limit the number of feral and stray cats through trap-neuter-return program. The organization fosters ‘reasonable’ birds feeding, promotes a responsible attitude, including lectures in schools, towards bringing home dogs and other temporary pets – rabbits, mice, fish or exotic reptiles. By helping animals through nourishing and healing, mainly cats and also birds in winter, we are trying to raise awareness of taking responsibility for subdued living creatures, and for the consequences of one’s own actions that spring, among others, feral cats or mallards in the cities.